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The IFST Logo

The IFST logo and the first two editions of the IFST newsletter Giant Leap were designed by Bill Kienzel, Lettera Mundi Graphic Design & Typographic Consulting, 805.684.9696.

Designer's Note: The logo design is somewhat pictographic—in IFST's case a more appropriate solution than a straight typographic approach, since the context for the Treaty is worldwide. The symbolic shapes used for the I (a person being vocal), the F (an outstretched hand), the S (slices of bread or other food on a plate, whose circular boundary also represents security) and the T (a table or serving bowl) are intended to be meaningful to a non-alphabetic reader or even to an illiterate viewer.
Lettera Mundi/Bill Kienzel

The IFST Association is grateful for the website design and maintenance provided by and for additional graphic design assistance from The Creative Dood.


Arabic translation of the IFST Principles by Sahar Bassyouni
Chinese translation of the Treaty provided by Dr. Teng Hongqing and Chunjie Shen
French translation of IFST Principles provided by Patricia Hunter Popov
Hebrew translation of the IFST principles by Tamar Goldflam and Michal Ben-Josef Hirsch
Hindi translation of the IFST Principles provided by H. Singha (Hari Priya dasi)
Russian translation of the Home Page, Principles, and Treaty provided by Svetlana Dignman, Vera Gorvard, and Dr. Elena Varmalov
Spanish translation of IFST Principles provided by Vicki Gettings

We also appreciate the contributions of webmaster David Teton-Landis of Santa Barbara, California in design and maintenance of the site during the period 1997-2011.