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Ways to Partcipate in Advancing the IFST

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Contact Your Political Leaders
         A treaty is an agreement between governments; popular support alone cannot create one. The chief executive of each government, whether a president, prime minister, ruling party chairman, or royal sovereign, must formalize his or her country’s support, in concert with that country’s laws. In the United States, for example, treaties must be negotiated by the president and designated representatives, signed by the president, and finally ratified by the president after securing the consent of two-thirds of the Senate. The Congress can apply political pressure through its power of appropriation, as well as moral pressure.
         However, relying on politicians to do the job will not be enough:  The right to freedom from hunger can become real if and only if individuals take action to show leaders where we should go. It only takes a moment to send a president, prime minister, or a couple of legislators copies of the IFST, or to direct them to this website (, and to urge them to pursue negotiations or to co-sponsor legislation in support of the International Food Security Treaty, and to report to you, their tax-paying employers, on their progress.
         UNITED STATES CITIZENS can express their support by calling their Congressional Representatives in the Senate and House and letting them know you're counting on them to do everything in their power to support and advance the International Food Security Treaty as a fundamental principle of U.S. foreign policy and national security. Call the Capitol Hill Switchboard at:


         US citizens can also find contact information for their congressperson, senators and the President at the following website:

         Citizens of other nations may look for assistance in the IFST World Directory of Political Leaders.

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         If you are able to afford a little more time to support the IFST, you can volunteer directly with the IFST Campaign or the IFST Association or organize a project on your own.
         Pressure and inspiration from individuals for political leaders can be greatly enhanced by support from organizations, such as religious, civic, political, charitable, academic, professional, and youth groups. Getting one of your organizations and its networks to join you in supporting the IFST, you can multiply the effectiveness of your efforts many times over. Media and fundraising events, petitions and ballot resolutions, advertising, meetings, marches, and rallies will help the IFST progress towards its goal of catalyzing an end to world hunger.
         If you’d like to explore the possibility of volunteering through the IFST network, please fill out the Volunteer Information Form and mail it to the address below or e-mail scans of both sides of it to

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Spread the Word

         However you choose to promote the growth of the IFST, you can amplify your contribution by contacting and inspiring just one other person - friend, relative, neighbor, clergy, doctor, teacher, coach, co-worker, or anyone else - in any other district, state, or country to do the same. You’ll be fueling both the eradication of the unnecessary and dangerous suffering of millions of people caused by malnutrition and a historic upsurge in the world's fortunes and morale.

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